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BEEN SOME TIME y'all.  So anyway yeah I guess the kickstarter didn't meet it's goal BUT I'm cool with that.  We made a good amount and myself and a few others are still working on our comics regardless so we can restart it at SOME POINT in the future with more planning and more to show.

In case anyone's missed my work I've been doin a fair amount of stuff over at (wedrawcomics) under the same name so look me up and you'll see some new stuff.  Of course you could always just go to THE FOUR EYED MAN website every wednesday for a brand new comic page, as well.

In personal stuff I work overnights now(though I might've mentioned that?) and man it is TAKIN IT'S TOLL.  It's not particularly difficult but I do miss workin days.  Maybe someday SOON I can monetize the four eyed man and forget alllll about retail, that'd sure be nice.

Anyway I don't know the next time I'll update the journal so but I assure you I'll probably be talkin bout vidja games when I do.  Until then, farewell friends!
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  • Playing: Lego Pirates
madasivad Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2012
I'm sorry to hear that your kickstarter didn't reach it's goal. I hope that everything works out for you eventually though.
AudGreen Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
I'm sorry to hear that, but as long as there's passion there, it's going to turn out amazing! :3

And I'm sorry about overnights. My hubby works that kind of shift, and all I can say is that man is not meant to be nocturnal.
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December 7, 2012